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Our physicians are on staff for both Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle (Columbus) and Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center (Amory), offering you more options for your comprehensive healthcare.


Our Mission is to deliver the highest quality of care with the most current and comprehensive services available. Our practice strives to serve as your family”s total resource for raising healthy and happy children.

Bell Amour Laser Spa

Physicians & Surgeons was excited to open Bel Amour Laser Spa in June, 2010. Bel Amour Laser Spa offers laser services for both men and women using the Candela ‘Gentle Max’ system, to provide the client with a soothing and relaxing experience.

Center for MinimallyInvasive Surgery



Internal Medicine

Physicians & Surgeons is excited to announce the opening of Internal Medicine, January 2016. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care with the most comprehensive services openly available!  Our practice strives to serve your entire family’s total resource for staying happy and healthy through childhood all the way to adult hood!

Welcome to Physicians & Surgeons OBGYN

 It began as a dream for two Amory doctors, but it soon became a reality called Physicians & Surgeons Clinic. The idea was conceived in 1960 when obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Richard Hollis returned to Amory to become the seventh physician in town. He joined Drs. John Murfee, B.O Moore, and Wendell Stockton at Murfee’s Clinic. He and Stockton, a pediatrician, left Murfee’s Clinic to start their own practice in October 1963. One day later, Hollis and Stockton opened their offices in Gilmore Memorial Hospital while awaiting a house to be remodeled by C&D Lumber. They moved into the “Green House” (seen below) as it was known, in November 1963.

Two years after Drs. Hollis and Stockton created their business, they decided that the philosophy of P&S Clinic would be to provide the best available heath care services for the people of Amory.  At this time they also decided that they would build a new clinic.  This dream would not have been possible had it not been for Dr. Hollis’s wife Weesies’s willingness to sign the note for the loan.  The first phase of the new clinic at 900 Earl Frye Boulevard was completed in 1965.  To allow easier access to patients now all over north Mississippi and northeast Alabama, satellite clinics were opened in Columbus, Houston, and Guin, Alabama.  Since that time, P&S Clinic has closed its operations in Houston and Guin but expanded the Columbus satellite to a full service clinic in the outpatient pavillion of Baptist Memorial Hospital.  This clinic remains very busy to this day.

In order to service not only obstetric patients but their children as well, in 2010 P&S Clinic added Preferred Pediatrics and hired Dr. Mary Ann King, an experienced Pediatrician.  A nurse practitioner with much pediatric experience Rita Hargett joined the clinic in 2012, and then JR McPherson joined in 2015.  The pediatric providers are supported by a skilled team of pediatric nurses.

Another service was added to the P&S Clinic in 2010 when Bel Amour Laser Spa was opened.  This spa provides cosmetic hair removal, vein removal, and skin tightening services which before this time were not available in Amory.

Times have certainly changed since the Green Houses’ humble beginnings, but the mission of P& S Clinic remains the same: to provide the best available health care for the people of Amory and surrounding areas.

Privacy Policy:  We value your privacy and will not sell or provide your personal information to any 3rd party!

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